About Us

Liberty One CZ, s.r.o. was established in December of 1999 when Oskar Hahn (owner) returned back from the U.S.A., to where he emigrated in 1980. Before he was a successful manager of country groups Fešáci and Greenhorns (later Zelenáči); singers: Michal Tučný, Hana Hegerová and Karel Černoch; entertainer Petr Novotný and many more. 
He also produced records which were sold in hundred thousands. When totalitarian regime had fallen, he began to cooperate with promoters and invited American artists to Czech Republic (example: Emilou Harris) and Czech ones to the U.S.A. (example: Karel Gott, Waldemar Matuška). In 1999 he definitely got back to the show business in Czech Republic. Liberty One CZ exclusively represents Petr Rychlý and Rangers (Plavci), has direct contacts to majority artists and groups, cooperates with prestigious art, advertising and P.R. agencies and also has had years of experiences in the organization of events and festivities. It proves that Liberty One CZ will accept any challenge to organize a non-typical event of any kind. Many years of active work in the Czech show business helped to Oskar create personal relationships with many of the artists. Liberty One CZ also brings to Czech Republic foreign artists upon the clients choice and request (example: Slade, Sweet).

  • arranging for concerts, performers, artists, entertainers, D.J.'s, speakers, dancers and dance groups in accordance with your choice and your request
  • providing sound and light systems of high quality in accordance with your request - in clubs or open air festivals and so on
  • complete organization of your concert, festival, summit, company day or event
  • production of advertising campaigns, tours, TV shows and documents



Since of November 6th, 2013 we changed Liberty One CZ to Oskar Hahn Agency s.r.o., Sarajevská 9, 120 00 Prague 2, IČ: 2210622, DIČ: CZ02210622. The adress and phone numbers stay the same. Liberty One CZ will be no more active in the showbusiness.